Egg Mundi is a digital painting. It's collaboration between Leonardo Da Vinci, @world_record_egg, and neural networks — in other words, an evolution of Leonardo's Salvator Mundi, the world's most expensive painting as of February 2019. The same way Salvator Mundi promises salvation through faith, Egg Mundi promises freedom through unliking and unsubscribing.

Egg Mundi is the first artwork of The Eggists, an anonymous group of artists who started Eggism, the art movement that describes itself as "dadaism of the digital age, a protest against the art and media establishment, an outcry against the ordinary, and a faith in a different art." Read the full Egg manifesto here.

This painting is for sale. Current price is around $1,300,000 (that's 12,345 Ether as of Feb 4, 2019 – the price is fixed in cryptocurrency). The buyer acquires both the painting and this very website.

The painting is sold through
OpenSea, a partner service that ensures security and reliability of the transaction.

Egg Mundi gives back. You can collaborate with the artists to promote modern art, and to get a financial reward, too.
Top 100 people who bring the most visitors to this project will get $650k, or 50% of the painting value
(± Ethereum price on the 04 Feb 2019)
Will eventually be featured by
Act as a digital art curator. Share this project with your friends, followers, and subscribers. 50% of the painting's price (roughly $650k) will be paid out to 100 people who will bring the most visitors to the artwork — as a modest reward for their support of modern art.

The promotion system runs on Viral Loops platform. After the artwork will be sold, we will split payments with our most powerful co-participants.

For questions and press inquiries:
eggmundi (at)